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EDUC 6610 Week 4 Assignment: Week 4 Assignment

Classroom Challenges Search

This week you will need to find two scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles about a classroom challenge. The steps below will help you locate articles on the challenge you choose.

1. Start by selecting the challenge you want to research and brainstorm keywords for that challenge.

Authors rarely use terms like "classroom challenges." Instead, they'll focus on a specific challenge and use concrete terminology that relates to that challenge. For example, let's look for information about the challenges associated with students changing schools frequently in the elementary grades.

Here is a list of keywords related to the topic:

  • changing schools
  • mobility
  • student
  • elementary

There may be other terms used by researchers, and as you search you can look for those alternative terms in your results.

2. Select a database for your search. Education Source is a great first choice when you need peer-reviewed research articles, since it has a very deep collection of peer-reviewed Education journals.

3. Enter your keywords into the database search boxes. For this topic I'm using the following search:

First search box:

            changing schools OR mobility

Second search box:


Third search box:


I've placed one concept from my topic into each search box. The OR in the first search box tells the database to find either term. For more information about building your search, check out the library's Keyword Searching Guide.

4. In the limits area below the search box, select limits you want to add to the search. For this search I am checking the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals box, so that all of my results come from journals that use the peer review process. Our Peer Review Guide has more information.

Here's an image of the search:


5. Click Search to see the results. As you look at your results you may see other terms you could use in your search. You may want to use those terms to modify your search.

If you see results that match your topic, you can click the PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text links to read the full text of the article.

Watch a Search in an Education Database

Video: How to search an education database

(2 min 51 sec) Transcript

The video above shows the process of selecting keywords for a topic and searching for articles in an Education database.

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