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EDUC 6610 Week 1 Assignment: Week 1 Assignment

Walden Resources Game

This week you will explore Walden Library as part of successfully completing Quizardly, the Walden Electronic Resources Game.

The resources below can help you learn more about the topics covered in the game.

Exploring Walden Library

Scholarly research takes practice. Maximize your efforts and elevate your work by learning search strategies and time-saving tips early in your program. The best places to find help:

The Research Process
See step-by-step guides for library basics, including how to search databases, evaluate resources, find statistics, learn about theorists, information about peer review, and more.

Quick Answers
Find answers to the most commonly-asked questions we get in the library.

Ask a Librarian
Email or call a librarian for personalized help. 

Top Education Databases

Databases contain peer-reviewed articles, books and book chapters, newspapers, magazines, reports, and more.

To find them from the library website, click the Databases A-Z button. Explore databases by subject or the full database list.

See the Education Research guide for databases useful for education topics. The top recommendations are below.

Other Guides

  • Find Full Text
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Limit search results

Check the box for Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals and specify years to find only recent results:

Box to the left of Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals is checked.

The date range of the most recent five years is entered into the boxes next to Year.

The full text box is often checked by default:

The box to the left of Full Text is checked.

Learn more about database limiters (they may vary).

What is Peer Review?

Peer-reviewed journal articles are evaluated by experts in the field prior to publication.

Many of the library databases include a peer review limit.

Google Scholar

Discover scholarly content on the web with Google Scholar. You can link it to Walden Library so full text links appear if available.

Learn more about Google Scholar.