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EDUC 6125 Week 8 Discussion: Week 8 Discussion

Discussion research

Your discussion asks that you select an issue of interest to you from the scenarios provided and conduct a search for additional information in the Walden Library or on the Internet related to the issue that could guide your response. Then, consider the following:

  • What ethical issues or implications might exist around your selected scenario?
  • What consequences could result from unethical practices or the perception of unethical practices in the given situation?
  • What can you do to avoid any unethical practices?
  • What ethical guidelines or professional standards apply to the situation and can guide you in your decision-making?

Below is a sample search to help you with strategies when using the Library databases, as well as additional resources to help you get what you need for your discussion post.

Evaluating Resources

Do you know how to select the best resources for your project?

Learn more about evaluating for

  • Accuracy
  • Authority
  • Objectivity
  • Currency
  • Coverage

Finding and searching education resources

1.  Go to the Library Home Page

2.  Look for the Select a subject drop-down:

3.  Click on the link to Education

Hint:  The education research page is a good one to bookmark so you can save a few steps in future searches

4. There are many databases to choose from.  A good one to start with is Education Source.

5.  From the search page enter the main concepts of your topic into the search boxes - one concept per line.  Below is an example of a search for instrucional designers or subject experts and possible ethical issues:

First search box:  instructional design* OR subject expert

Second search box:  ethic*

Note:  the * allows you to capture different forms of the same word - ethic/ethical

6.  Look for the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals option below the search boxes and make sure it is checked:


You can try searching for plagiarism too, or any other ethical issue that you come across in the results.  Keep in mind that research is an iterative process; you will probably not get a perfect results list on your first try.  

For more help

For additional help you can look at these guides:

Peer Review 

Keyword Searching

Full text

Or you can always Ask A Librarian.