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EDPD 8074 Evaluating and Sustaining Effective Practices in Early Childhood Education: Welcome & Course Readings

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EDPD 8074 Course Readings

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Beneke, M. R. & Cheatham, G. A. (2016). Inclusive, democratic family-professional partnerships. Topics in Early Childhood Education, 35(4), 234–244.

Buysse, V., Peisner-Feinberg, E., Påez, M., Hammer, C. S., & Knowles, M. (2014). Effects of early education programs and practices on the development and learning of dual-language learners: A review of the literature. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 29(4), 765–785.

Cooper, K.S., Stanulis, R.N., Brondyk, S.K. Hamilton, E.R., Macaluso, M., Meier, J.A. (2016). The teacher leadership process: Attempting change within embedded systems. Journal of Educational Change, 17(1), 85–113.

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LaRocco, D. J. & Bruns, D. A. (2013). It’s not the “what,” it’s the “how”: Four key behaviors for authentic leadership in early intervention. Young Exceptional Children, 16(2), 33–44.

Sutherland, K. S., McLeod, B. D., Conroy, M. A., & Cox, J. R. (2013). Measuring implementation of evidence-based programs targeting young children at risk for emotional/behavioral disorders: Conceptual issues and recommendations. Journal of Early Intervention, (35)2, 129–149.

Zhang, C. & Hu, B. (2015). Inclusion as an approach and process for promoting acceptance and success: Comparative perspectives between the United States and China. International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education, 7(2), 238–250.

Other Readings

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