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EDDD 8074 Implementing Effective School-wide Intervention: Welcome & Course Readings

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EDDD 8074 Course Readings

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Berry Kuchle, L., Zumeta Edmonds, R., Danielson, L. C., Peterson, A., & Riley‐Tillman, T. C. (2015). The next big idea: A framework for integrated academic and behavioral intensive intervention. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice, 30(4), 150–158. doi:10.1111/ldrp.12084   Article linked in the classroom.

Debnam, K. J., Pas, E. T., & Bradshaw, C. P. (2012). Secondary and tertiary support systems in schools implementing school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports: A preliminary descriptive analysis. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 14(3), 142–152.

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Leko, M. M., Brownell, M. T., Sindelar, P. T., & Kiely, M. T. (2015). Envisioning the Future of Special Education Personnel Preparation in a Standards-Based Era. Exceptional Children, 82(1), 25-43.

Moolenaar, N.M., Daly, A. J., & Sleegers, P. J. (2010). Occupying the principal position: Examining relationships between transformational leadership, social network position, and schools’ innovation climate. Educational Administration Quarterly, 46(5), 623-670.

Muscott, H. S., Szczesiul, S., Berk, B., Staub, K., Hoover, J., & Perry-Chisholm, P. (2008). Creating home school partnerships by engaging families in schoolwide positive behavior supports. Teaching Exceptional Children, 40(6), 6-14.

Nelson, J. R., Oliver, R. M., Hebert, M. A., & Bohaty, J. (2015). Use of Self-Monitoring to Maintain Program Fidelity of Multi-Tiered Interventions. Remedial and Special Education, 36(1), 14-19.

O’Connor, P., & Witter Freeman, E. (2012). District-level considerations in supporting and sustaining RtI implementation. Psychology in the Schools, 49(3), 297-310.

Regan, K. S., Berkeley, S. L., Hughes, M., & Brady, K. K. (2015). Understanding practitioner perceptions of responsiveness to intervention. Learning Disability Quarterly, 0731948715580437.

Whitelock, S. (2010). It’s not your grandmother’s school: Leadership decisions in RtI. Communique, 38(5), 26-27.

Witzel, B., & Clarke, B. (2015). Focus on inclusive education: Benefits of using a multi-tiered system of supports to improve inclusive practice: Bradley Witzel, Editor. Childhood Education, 91(3), 215-219.

Other Readings

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