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Ebook Download and Checkout Help: Ebook Help

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Learn how to find books at Walden, on the open web, and in your local libraries:

Can I download ebooks?

Yes, you can download e-books from our two largest book collections: eBooks from EBSCO and Ebook Central. With the help of Adobe Digital Editions, you can read them on your computer or transfer them to a Nook, iPad, or Sony Reader (Kindles are incompatible).

Please note: Library e-books are not like commercial e-books. When you download a book, no one else can view it. As such, all downloaded e-books "expire"—they automatically disappear or become unusable after a fixed amount of time, ranging from 1 to 14 days.


Download ebooks from EBSCO (1 day only; all books available in full) 

Download ebooks from Ebook Central (7 or 14 days; some books available in full)

How do I get a checked-out EBSCO book?

eBooks on EBSCO allow only one person to check out an e-book at a time. If you try to download or view a checked-out book, you will be prompted to sign in to place a hold (to "get in line" to view the book next).

This sign-in is separate from your Walden Library account; if you do not have an EBSCO account, you must create one if you want to place a hold. See the sign-in screen and where to create an account.

After signing in, your email is displayed. You can change it to a different one if desired.


Click the yellow Place Hold button to get in line for the book. You will receive an email when it's available.

The link in the email may not work. Instead go to eBooks on EBSCO from the library's website (or click here). Click Sign In in the upper right corner and enter your EBSCO account username and password. Once signed in, view the book by clicking My Checkouts at the top of the screen:

My Checkouts

How do I get a checked-out Ebook Central book?

Many Ebook Central books allow multiple simultaneous users, but some are "single seat." If the book you want is in use, a message will display with details about when the title will be available.

Your institution has access to 1 copy of this book. All copies have been downloaded. Please check back in 0 day(s) and 23 hour(s), or search for another book.

I need a checked-out book for a required reading!

If a required reading is checked out, search for the book in Ebook Central. We might have a copy available there, and many Ebook Central books allow multiple students to use them at once.

Can I increase the checkout length?

No, the checkout lengths are fixed. EBSCO e-books are set for 1 day. Books from Ebook Central are either 7 or 14 days. If you need a book for a longer period of time, you will need to download it again.

Can I return the book early?

No, you cannot return EBSCO or Ebook Central e-books early.