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PhD in Education: Proposal


Writing the first three chapters of your dissertation provides a roadmap for your dissertation study, justifying the need for the research and demonstrating a solid plan you will use to conduct it.  The Proposal is the first three chapters of your dissertation.  You will work closely with your committee chair and content expert as you write chapters 1 and 2. Your methodologist and chair will assist with chapter 3.  The resources below are provided as guides to make this process easier for you. 

The most important thing to do is to download the Dissertation Checklist for the research design and methodology you are planning to use for your study.  At this link you will find a Qualitative Checklist, a Quantitative Checklist, and a Mixed Methods Checklist to guide your work.  Select the one that matches the methodology you have chosen for your study.  Read it carefully and follow it in developing your proposal.  Your committee members will use this checklist to assess your work.  This web page entitled PhD Dissertation Process and Documents has a multitude of dissertation resources to help you along your way.

We recommend that you set up regular times to talk with your chair about your work and that you submit drafts of your writing to your chair monthly.  This will ensure steady progress through your dissertation work so you meet your goals and dreams of becoming a PhD.