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PhD in Education: Literature review


Perhaps one of the most important things you will do in beginning your dissertation is to conduct a solid and thorough review of current research on your topic.  Read! Read! Read!  See how many keywords you can find on your topic and start reading all the current research studies you can find that have been conducted in the last few years to see what is already known about your topic in your field.  Depending on your topic, you may have to read older material if your topic has been extensively researched and you need to find a new angle of approach to identify a gap. This will help you make a determination about what has not been discovered in the field on your area of interest.  This will help you find a research topic that fills a gap in current research and makes a contribution to new knowledge in the field.  A gap can be a topic that has not been researched, a topic that hasn’t been researched with the population you are interested in, or a topic where the current research is contradictory in findings.