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Welcome to the paper review service! Paper reviews are an optional, supplementary service available to Walden University students at no additional cost. 

We’re here to assist Walden students in becoming better academic writers by providing online, asynchronous feedback in appointment-based paper reviews. Students who are working on discussion posts, course papers, and a doctoral premise or prospectus can make appointments for one-on-one paper reviews. 

Before signing up for a paper review appointment, you need to register in myPASS (my Paper Appointment Scheduling System). 
Go to myPASS 

If you would like writing support for your proposal or final study, visit the Doctoral Capstone Form and Style site

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Our Mission

Our writing instructional specialists are writing experts who work with Walden students of all abilities. Through our virtual, asynchronous, one-on-one paper reviews, we help students develop their academic writing skills as emerging scholars and encourage students to engage in an ongoing writing process. 

Our Goal 

We provide positive and constructive feedback on 

  • Doctoral-level academic writing expectations, 
  • clarity and idea development, 
  • cohesion and flow, 
  • scholarly voice and grammar, and 
  • APA style. 

Through our paper review service, we aim to help students become better writers. Rather than editing or “fixing” your writing, our goal is to help you develop your writing skills. We do not comment on every issue or opportunity we notice in the text. Instead, in a review, a writing instructional specialist will examine patterns in your writing, offer instruction on these patterns, and make suggestions about how to strengthen key areas to produce more effective, exemplary writing. While our feedback will help you revise individual assignments, we encourage you to approach these appointments with the larger goal of becoming a stronger, more confident writer and proofreader of your own work.