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Network & Develop Your Brand

Your professional brand is an essential component of your online and offline networking efforts. It answers the question “Who am I as a professional?” and showcases your expertise.  See below for resources from the Career Center:

Disseminate Your Work

Once you have completed your capstone, you may want to share it with the larger academic community. See the resources below:

  • Office of Research and Doctoral Services’s tips and strategies on disseminating your research, and this link for guidance on presenting your work at a conference.
  • The New Scholars Workshop (NSW) is also a great “next step” interactive seminar to support your continued development as a scholar. This is a free experience provided by the Office of Research and Doctoral Services, with topics including publishing capstone research, selecting the right journals and outlets for dissemination, preparing posters and professional conference presentations, and developing a plan to continue your capstone work beyond the doctoral degree. Lots of time for sharing and discussion is also provided.
  • The Office of Research and Doctoral Services’s Outstanding Student Research Award Program is also a valuable opportunity to share your completed work. Twice annually, Walden University accepts nominations for the Outstanding Student Research Award programs. To be eligible, you must have your dissertation or doctoral study completed and signed by the Chief Academic Officer between March 1 – August 31 (Winter award) or September 1 – February 28 (Summer Award) to be considered. Please see the program guidelines and nomination form for each award for details about submission requirements.

Watch Dr. Joshua Garrin's Outstanding Dissertation Award Research Presentation

Dr. Joshua Garrin's Outstanding Dissertation Award Research Presentation(15 min 24 sec)


Prepare for New Opportunities

Are you using your new degree to transition to a new field or get a promotion? Career Planning and Development has resources and support to help you along the way.

Doctoral Webinar Series from Career Planning and Development

If you haven't had a chance yet, consider looking through the Doctoral Webinar Series from Career Planning and Development.  Career Planning and Development hosts excellent webinars with academic and industry leaders on maximizing your doctoral degree.