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DDBA 8991 Week 1 Application: Week 1 Application 1


In week 1 application 1, you are asked to describe and evaluate the data collection methods to ensure quality used in a selected qualitative doctoral study. To complete this task, you will need to first locate an appropriate doctoral study from the Dissertations & Theses at Walden University database to analyze. The doctoral study must be business-related, qualitative or mixed method dissertation, and published with the last five years. This guide provides instructions on how to locate an appropriate doctoral study.

After reading this guide you should be able to: 

Locating DBA doctoral studies in ProQuest Dissertation & Theses database

You can find completed Walden D.B.A. doctoral studies in the Walden-only version of the ProQuest Dissertations database.

Follow these steps to find examples of Walden D.B.A. doctoral studies:

  1. On the Library homepage click on the Publications button.
  2. Click on Dissertations.
  3. Click the Dissertations & Theses at Walden University link.

    You may be prompted to log in with your myWalden Portal user name and password.

  4. You should now be on the Advanced Search page with three rows of search boxes.
    Note: If you only have one search box on your screen, click on the Advanced Search link above the search box.
  5. Set up your search:

    First search box:


    To the right of that, click on the Anywhere except full text — ALL drop-down menu and change it to:

    Degree — DG 

  6. Click on the Search button.

To verify that a dissertation is a DBA doctoral study, look at the title page of the document where the degree information is listed.

Watch these steps in the video below: