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DDBA 8161 Course Readings

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Addams, L., & Allred, A. T. (2013). The first step in proactively managing students’ careers: Teaching self-SWOT analysis. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 17(4), 43–51.

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Driver, M. (2012). An interview with Michael Porter: Social entrepreneurship and the transformation of capitalism. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 11(3), 421–431.

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Styles, C., & Goddard, J. (2014). Spinning the wheel of strategic innovation. Business Strategy Review, 25(4), 76–80.

Yigit, I., & Behram, N. K. (2013). The relationship between diversification strategy and organizational performance in developed and emerging economy contexts: Evidence from Turkey and Netherlands. Eurasian Business Review, 3(2), 121–136.

Other Readings

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