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CSEC 6005 The Global Technology Environment: Welcome & Course Readings

Welcome to your course guide

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CSEC 6005 Course Readings

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Airinei, D., & Homocianu, D. (2010). The architecture of a complex GIS & spreadsheet based DSS. Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics, (9), 9-13.

Bahl, B., Sharma, V., & Rajpal, N. (2012). Boosting geographic information system's performance using in-memory data grid. BVICAM's International Journal of Information Technology, 4(2), 18-22. 

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Kisilevich, S., Keim, D., & Rokach, L. (2013). A GIS-based decision support system for hotel room rate estimation and temporal price prediction: The hotel brokers' context. Decision Support Systems, 54(2), 1119-1133.

Ortega, E., Otero, I., & Mancebo, S. (2014). TITIM GIS-tool: A GIS-based decision support system for measuring the territorial impact of transport infrastructures. Expert Systems With Applications, 41(16), 7641-7652.

Pimchangthong, D., & Boonjing, V. (2017). Effects of Risk Management Practices on It Project Success. Management & Production Engineering Review (MPER), 8(1), 30-37.

Shein, E. (2015) Companies Proactively Seek Out Internal Threats. Communications of the ACM. 58(11), pp 15-17.

Tang, C., Xie, J., Zhang, Y., Hu, D., & Li, J. (2014). A smart exhibition system of power measurement vehicle based on the GIS and GPS techniques. International Journal of Online Engineering, 10(1), 41–45. doi:10.3991/ijoe.v10i1.3354

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Weessies, K. W., & Dotson, D. S. (2013). Mapping for the masses: GIS Lite and online mapping tools in academic libraries. Information Technology & Libraries, 32(1), 23-35.

Other Readings

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