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CRJS 8002 Foundations for Doctoral Study Week 3 Assignment: Week 3 Assignment

Peer reviewed articles

Most of the library databases allow you to limit your searches to peer-reviewed articles only. 

In most search interfaces, the peer review limiter is a check box usually located under the search boxes. Simply check this box and then run your search as you normally would. Your search results will now be limited to articles from peer reviewed journals only.

There are a few exceptions to this procedure.

  • A few databases contain only peer-reviewed journals.  These databases do not feature a peer-review limiter, since all results will be from peer-reviewed journals no matter what.  These databases include: the Sage databases, Emerald Management, and ScienceDirect.
  • By definition, the databases that contain only e-books or only dissertations do not contain peer-reviewed journal material.

Check out our Peer Review guide for more information on what "peer review" means and how to verify peer review:

Finding full text articles

Most of the library databases allow you to limit your searches to full text articles only. 

Usually, the full text limiter is a check box located under or near the search boxes. In most of our databases this box will be checked already, and you will want to deselect the box if you are trying to find articles not available in full-text.  

If you would like to find full-text you can leave the full-text option checked (or check it if it isn't already).  When the search results appear, you will see a "PDF Full Text", "HTML Full Text", or "Linked Full Text" link after the citation. Click on the link to open the full text.

Once the full text is open you can save the article to your computer and print it.

There are a couple exceptions to this procedure:

  • Some databases only contain full-text items, and so do not feature a limiter. These databases include PsycARTICLES and the Sage databases. 
  • In Thoreau the full text limiter is on the search results page.
Check out our guide on finding full text articles:

Watch a search for peer reviewed literature

Peer Review

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