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CRJS 6832 Terrorism: Legislation and Policy: Welcome & Course Readings

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CRJS 6832 Course Readings

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Baker, N.V. (2003). National Security versus Civil Liberties. Presidential Studies Quarterly, 33(3), 547–567. 

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Hoffman, B. (2007). The global terrorist threat: Is Al-Qaeda on the run or on the march? Middle East Policy, 14(2), 44–58.

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Mahnken, T. (2005). Spies and bureaucrats: Getting intel right. Public Interest, 159, 22-42.

Mueller, R. S. I. (2009). Terrorist threats to the U.S. FDCH Congressional Testimony.
NOTE: we no longer have access to this in the Walden Library databases

Patrick, S. (2006). Weak state and global threats: Fact or fiction? Washington Quarterly, 29(2), 27–53. 

Peter, B. (2009). Al-Qaeda: The threat in Afghanistan. FDCH Congressional Testimony.
NOTE: we no longer have access to this in the Walden Library databases

Sageman, M. (2008). The next generation of terror. Foreign Policy, 165, 36–42. 

Sageman, M. (2008). The reality of grass-roots terrorism. Foreign Affairs, 87(4), 165–166. 

Other Readings

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