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CRJS 6202 Human Trafficking: Welcome & Course Readings

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CRJS 6202 Course Readings

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Adinkrah, M. (2018). Commercial transactions in children: the case of Ghana. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 62(8), 2391-2413

Barrick, K., Lattimore, P. K., Pitts, W. J., & Zhang, S. X. (2014). When farmworkers and advocates see trafficking but law enforcement does not: Challenges in identifying labor trafficking in North Carolina. Crime, Law and Social Change, 61(2), 205-214.  

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Litam, S. D. A. (2017). Human sex trafficking in America: What counselors need to know. The Professional Counselor, 7(1), 45-61.

Majeed, M. T., & Malik, A. (2017). Selling souls: An empirical analysis of human trafficking and globalization. Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences, 11(1), 453-487

Normandin, P. A. (2017). Child human trafficking: See, pull, cut the threads of abuse. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 43(6), 588-590.

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Shrestha, R., Karki, P., Suwal, A., & Copenhaver, M. (2015). Sex trafficking related knowledge, awareness, and attitudes among adolescent female students in Nepal: A cross-sectional study. PLoS One, 10(7), 1-13.

Silver, K. E., Karakurt, G., & Boysen, S. T. (2015). Predicting prosocial behavior toward sex-trafficked persons: The roles of empathy, belief in a just world, and attitudes toward prostitution. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 24(8), 932-954. 

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Walts, K. K. (2017). Child labor trafficking in the united states: A hidden crime. Social Inclusion, 5(2), 59-68

Other Readings

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