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CRJS 4301 Terrorism: Welcome & Course Readings

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CRJS 4301 Course Readings

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Chaturvedi, M., Unal, A., Aggarwal, P., Bahl, S., & Malik, S. (2014, June). International cooperation in cyber space to combat cyber crime and terrorism. Paper presented at the 2014 IEEE Conference on Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century, Boston, MA. 

Ellis, R. (2014). Creating a secure network: The 2001 anthrax attacks and the transformation of postal security. The Sociological Review, 62(1), 161–182. 

Kluch, S. P., & Vaux, A. (2016). The non-random nature of terrorism: An exploration of where and how global trends of terrorism have developed over 40 years. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 39(12), 1031–1049. 

Mutanda, D. (2017). What makes terrorism tick in Africa? Evidence from Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram. Jadavpur Journal of International Relations, 21(1), 20–40. 

Reitman, J. (2018, November 11). State of denial. New York Times Magazine, 38–68.

Shields, C. A., Smith, B. L., & Damphousse, K. R. (2016). Prosecuting terrorism post-9/11: Impact of policy changes on case outcomes. In G. LaFree & J. D. Freilich (Eds.), The handbook of the criminology of terrorism (pp. 495–507). West Sussex, UK: John Wiley & Sons. 

Other Readings

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