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COUN 8661 Prevention, Intervention, and Consultation: Welcome & Course Readings

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COUN 8661 Course Readings

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Albee, G. W., & Ryan-Finn, K. D. (1993). An overview of primary prevention. Journal of Counseling & Development, 72(2), 115–123.

Berk, M. & Parker, G. (2009).  The elephant on the couch:  Side-effects of psychotherapy.  Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 43 (9), 787-794.

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Cardemil, E.V., Kim, S., Pinedo, T.M., & Miller, I.W. (2005). Developing a culturally appropriate depression prevention program: The family coping skills program. Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology, 11(2), 99–112.

Checkoway, B. (2003). Youth particpation in community evaluation research.  American Journal of Evaluation , 24(1) 21-33.

Childress, C., & Asamen, J. K. (1998). The emerging relationship of psychology and the Internet: Proposed guidelines for conducting internet intervention research. Ethics & Behavior, 8(1), 19–35.

Eriksson, B., Falch, Ase-Britt, Lisznyai, S., & Ritook, M., (2003). Chapter 3: About social change and intervention. In W. Bloemers (Ed.), Theories of intervention social change (vol. 9, pp. 13–57). Frankfurt, Germany: Peter Lang Publishing Group.

Murphy, R. A., Rosenheck, R. A., Berkowitz, S. J., & Marans, S. R. (2005). Acute service delivery in a police mental-health program for children exposed to violence and trauma. The Psychiatric Quarterly, 76(2), 107–121.

Whitbeck, L. B. (2006). Some guiding assumptions and a theoretical model for developing culturally specific preventions with Native American people. Journal of Community Psychology, 34(2), 183–192.

Other Readings

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