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COUN 8203 Survey Research Methods: Welcome & Course Readings

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COUN 8203 Required Course Readings

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Abrahams, H. (2007). Ethics in counselling research fieldwork. Counselling & Psychotherapy Research, 7(4), 240-244

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Krosnick, J. A., et al. (2002). The impact of 'no opinion' response options on data quality: Non-attitude reduction or invitation to satisfice? Public Opinion Quarterly, 66(3), 371–403.

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Wester, K. L., Borders, L., Boul, S., & Horton, E. (2013). Research Quality: Critique of Quantitative Articles in the Journal of Counseling & Development. Journal Of Counseling & Development, 91(3), 280-290.


Other Readings

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