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Content Management Transcripts

Make a video widget with a transcript link

The easiest way to create a media asset for your video with a transcript link embedded within it, is to first create a rich text box with your video and transcript and then copy that code into the media asset.

Begin by creating a rich text box, adding whatever content you need into it.

For example, the video title.

Add the video itself by clicking on the "Source" button and then copying the video embed code into the source box.

Once you've copied the code, click on "Source" to return to the rich text view.

Now add your transcript link.

You can also add other related resources that you always want associated with this video.

After you've added everything you want, take a final look to make sure you are happy with the way the video and the transcript look.

Make any final adjustments you may want.

Once you are happy with the way the video looks, click the save button and then click the "Source" button once more. And copy the code from the source box.

Now close this box.

And add a media widget.

Give the media widget a unique name so you can find it in the future, and paste the source code you got from the rich text box into the "Embed Code" field.

You can put any kind of HTML into the "Embed Code"field, so there is a lot of flexibility here.

When you are done with that click "Save".

And now you have your video widget.

And you'll notice that the widget on the bottom looks exactly like the rich text box on the top.

You can now re-use that video widget anywhere you want that video to go, and it will always bring that transcript link along with it.