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Social Media: How can I use Facebook in a job search?

How can I use Facebook in a job search?

Facebook can be used for your professional brand, network, and job search.  Like with any social media site, you decide how to best use Facebook for your needs.  Keep in mind that your activity on Facebook (e.g., who you follow, what you post) becomes a part of your professional identity.  Some Facebook users establish a professional profile or page in addition to their personal profile. This allows a balance between social media “fun” and professional networking and job searching. 

Below are some tips to get you started using Facebook for job searching and networking.  If you choose to apply these tips, remember that they will become visible to your “friends.”  Keep this in mind if, for instance, you are connected with your current boss or coworkers and start “liking” job search pages. 

Brand yourself on Facebook with these tips:

  • Have a professional profile and profile picture.
  • Check your profile privacy settings to know who has access.
  • Start a group or page showcasing your expertise.
  • Comment on posts to gain recognition.

Expand your network on Facebook with these tips:

  • “Like” organization pages.
  • Identify a recruiter or industry expert and see if you are connected through friends of friends. 

Job search on Facebook with these tips:

  • Update your status to reflect what you are seeking.
  • Use job search apps.
  • “Like” job site pages.
  • Join job search groups.