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Interview Questions: What is the CART technique?

What is the CART Technique?

After you formulate relevant stories to highlight your qualifications, be ready to communicate them to the employer.  The CART technique will help you stay on track when answering questions, and ensure your answer is relevant.

C- Challenge.  Reflect on the challenge or situation.

A- Action.  Showcase the action you took.

R- Result.  Highlight the result of your action.

T- Tie-In.  Describe how this situation applies to your future role.

"I developed a consulting practice focused on diversity training and cultural awareness.  My clients included several Fortune 500 companies.  I conducted detailed needs assessments that included interviews with staff at managerial and frontline levels.  The training was highly participative and interactive and included a peer mentoring component to foster strong working relationships among participants.  Six months after the training, a follow-up assessment indicated staff morale was up and productivity had improved by 10%."