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APSY 8755 Leadership and Leader Development: Week 6

Week 6 Discussion 2

Analyze an article from the Walden Library databases that demonstrates an example of team goal-setting facilitated by a leader within a contemporary organization. Consider how the leader in the article might facilitate team decision-making to achieve the team goal. Also, consider ways leaders may improve team dynamics to support collective decision-making.

In this situation, the best strategy would be to search for articles on goal-setting, leadership, and strategies and search the results for information on a contemporary organization rather than search for 'contemporary organization' or for the name of a specific organization. 

1. On the Library homepage, click on Databases A-Z.

2. Click on T and scroll down to Thoreau Multi-Database Search

3. Some of the search terms you could use are:

  • goal-setting
  • leadership OR leadership style
  • team* (Note: the * will tell the database to search for variations on team: teams, teamwork, etc)
  • strategies OR methods OR techniques