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SOC-OFE Doctoral Students - Field Experience Manual: Documentation of Internship

Time Logs

Students are required to track their field experience hours in Meditrek. Students are encouraged to enter hours daily, and all hours must be entered in Meditrek by Day 7 of each week of the quarter. Hours should be entered on the date corresponding with the date on which they were earned. Students cannot log hours prior to earning hours.

Final Documents

To receive final grades and move on to the next phase of the doctoral program, all final documents (as listed below) must be completed, verified by the necessary parties in Meditrek, and submitted by the published deadlines. All final documents are housed in the internet-based Meditrek system. More information about using Meditrek is found on the SOC-OFE website.

The final documents include the following forms:

  • Time Log
  • Student Evaluation of Field Experience
  • Internship Self-Assessment

See the SOC-OFE website for detailed information about submission of the required forms.

Important notes:

  • If completed final documents are not submitted by the deadline, students will receive an Unsatisfactory (U) grade for the field experience course and will be halted and delayed from moving on to the next phase of the doctoral program.
  • All evaluations and time logs are available to students in Meditrek and will remain available to students for 1 year following graduation. Students should save and/or print copies of documentation for their personal records.