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SOC-OFE Doctoral Students - Field Experience Manual: Internship Supervision Requirements

Internship Supervision Requirements

Doctoral internship students will receive two forms of supervision provided by Walden University faculty members (“university supervisors”): (a) individual or triadic—referred to in the following text as “individual supervision” and (b) group—referred to as “university group supervision.” Students doing doctoral internship experiences in the Counseling domain will also be required to identify a clinical supervisor.

Individual/Triadic Supervision Requirements

Students will be assigned to a Walden University faculty member, known as the “individual supervisor,” who will coordinate individual and/or triadic supervision for students enrolled in COUN 8895/8896. Individual supervisors will maintain communication with “site contacts” identified at the field sites for each student and use feedback provided by site contacts, as well as student work samples and additional information provided by the student in weekly supervision, to support each student in weekly supervision.

Students are required to participate in at least 1 consecutive hour of individual or triadic supervision (a maximum of one additional student) each week throughout the internship. Individual or triadic supervision must occur weekly beginning in Week 1 and proceeding through Week 10.

  • A minimum of 10 hours of individual or triadic supervision is required for each quarter of enrollment in an internship course.

The assigned Walden University individual/triadic supervisor will perform the weekly supervision.

Faculty Group Supervision Requirements

Students are also required to participate in 2 hours of group supervision each week within the field experience courses. Group supervision consists of a scheduled weekly videoconference call with the student’s classmates and faculty supervisor beginning in Week 2 of the term and proceeding through Week 10.

  • A minimum of 15 hours of faculty supervision is required for each quarter of enrollment in a field experience course.

Students are required to attend faculty supervision via both telephone and webcam at the designated time. Attendance of all faculty supervision conference calls is mandatory to satisfactorily complete the field experience course. Students are required to adjust their schedules to accommodate the faculty supervision videoconference.

  • Students earn weekly discussion board points for attendance and participation on the faculty group supervision call.

Important notes:

  • Submission of a fully signed Faculty Supervision Contract is required for students to participate in faculty group supervision.
  • Like all students in field experiences, international students are required to participate in weekly videoconference group supervision. They will need to plan accordingly for any time zone differences.

Clinical Supervisors (Counseling Domain)

Students completing internship experiences in the Counseling domain are required to identify a clinical supervisor to provide regular supervision throughout the duration of the experience. The clinical supervisor must meet the site supervisor requirements of the program, as described under On-Site Supervision in Section 2 of this manual.

Site Contacts

Doctoral internship students will need to identify a site contact for each internship site. Site contacts do not need to provide individual or triadic supervision, and do not need to meet the requirements for site supervisors. They need to be employed by the field site and regularly on-site while the student is participating in internship activities so that they can provide verification of and feedback about the student’s work at the site.

Internship Work Sample Policy

Students are required to provide at least three samples of their work during each term of enrollment in internship, reflective of their selected internship domains. This policy allows students to identify areas of progress and areas of needed improvement in their internship experiences, as well as to receive instruction from their individual and faculty group supervisors. Students will work with their faculty group supervisor to determine work samples that are appropriate and proportional to their Individual Internship Plan. While students are formally required to submit work samples in the classroom, they should be prepared to provide them to their individual supervisors as well. Students should note that the faculty group or individual supervisor may require more than three work samples, if deemed necessary for support or evaluation of the student.

Clinical Practice and Supervision Recording or Live Observation Requirements

As part of their Individual Internship Plan, students engaged in clinical practice or supervision work will be required to submit video/audio recordings as their corresponding work samples for those domains. Those students are required to tape 15 minutes of their counseling or supervision sessions and complete the appropriate transcription form and submit them in the internship classroom by the corresponding work sample due dates. Students determine their work samples in communication and collaboration with their instructor at the start of the term.

Students who are at sites where recording is not possible are required to clarify this to their faculty supervisor (instructor) and determine an appropriate alternative work sample.

Successful Completion of Internship

Successful completion of Internship includes passing both coursework as well as fieldwork requirements. A deficiency in either area will result in an Unsatisfactory (U) grade for the course and the need for the student to repeat the internship course before moving on in the program. Students who receive to Unsatisfactory (U) grades in internship will be academically dismissed from the university.

Successful completion of the internship course includes all the following:

  1. Successful completion of all course work assignments with a cumulative score of 80% or above.
  2. Attendance and active participation in all faculty group supervision videoconferences (minimum of 15 hours for each quarter of internship), as well as individual or triadic supervision each week of the quarter (minimum of 10 hours for each quarter of internship).
  3. Completion of all hourly requirements for the internship as shown on Time Log approved by individual/triadic and faculty supervisors.
  4. Satisfactory End of Quarter Evaluation of Student at a minimum of an intermediate level (rating of 3 or above) and endorsement for progression provided by Walden individual/triadic supervisor.
  5. No concerns or reservations regarding a student’s ability to continue with professional practice curriculum expressed by the faculty supervisor/course instructor; satisfactory evaluation at a minimum of an intermediate level (rating of 3 or above) and endorsement for progression provided by faculty supervisor.
  6. No concerns expressed by the field experience coordinators or director upon review of the site supervisor and faculty information concerning the training experience.
  7. Adherence to all SOC-OFE policies outlined in the Field Experience Manual, as well as site and university policies, the ACA Code of Ethics, and all state regulations for counseling professionals.
Important note: All requirements, including completion of hours, must be achieved for a Satisfactory (S) grade for the Internship II course, even if the student will be extending the internship to an additional quarter.