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CPSY 8700 Psychology and Social Change: Writing Essentials

Hints for Writing at Walden

F. A. Q.


I would like someone to proofread my paper. What should I do?

Writing consultants can provide feedback on a range of writing issues, although they do not actually “proofread” the paper. Consultants (and dissertation editors, at the dissertation level) will provide advice and link you to resources based on identified writing needs. To work with a writing consultant or dissertation editor, you must make a reservation on the WIRE, our online reservation tool. Complete guidelines and policies for using this tool appear here:

Can I call or e-mail a question for a consultant or editor?

Writing Center staff members work primarily via e-mail, which is the quickest way to receive a response. Contact (for the consulting staff) or (for the dissertation editors) for a response within 24 hours. The WIRE also has a function that allows for questions, and our eCampus community has a discussion board to allow for peer responses. Students may contact us via phone (through the CSS portion of the Walden phone tree) for a return call within 24 hours.

Is there a fee for Writing Center services?

No. Writing Center services are available to current Walden students at no charge. If you need more comprehensive line editing services, you may wish to hire a freelance editor, some of whom are listed here:

Aside from contacting the consultant s and editors, how can I receive support from the Writing Center?

The Writing Center offers a wide variety of resources to support you in your writing at Walden. In addition to consulting and courses, we offer access to Grammarly (an automated grammar revision tool) and to (a program that screens your work for incidents of plagiarism). Both of these services can be found, along with instructions, on our website. You’ll also find access to free webinars, course paper templates, APA advice, help with scholarly writing skills, grammar exercises, and a wide range of handouts, video tutorials, and other tools.  We also host an eCampus page that includes announcements and a discussion board, we write about various writing questions on our blog, and we have a presence on Twitter and Facebook.

Writing Courses

If you find that you need to devote some time to developing your writing skills, Walden offers a series of writing courses that may help. These courses help you acquire knowledge and skills that supplement required coursework and assist you in successfully completing your program. Information about the courses, including those focused on APA, graduate writing skills, and writing a literature review, is in the Student Catalog. Inquire with your academic advisor to register for a class.

Tips for Capstones and KAMs


Need help with your thesis, KAM, doctoral study, project study, dissertation, or capstone project? Visit this link for templates, guidebooks, and other help on those major documents. You may also want to contact the dissertation editors with questions about doctoral capstones, or contact the writing consultants for help with KAMs or predoctoral capstones.