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SOC-OFE Masters Students - Field Experience Manual: Continuing Field Experience Between Quarters

Continuing Field Experience Between Quarters

Students must have supervision while participating in the field experience. Students can remain active at their field experience sites between quarters as long as they continue to have weekly supervision with their Walden-approved site supervisor and contact with their faculty supervisor (instructor) or appropriate university designee.

Students who wish to continue field experience during the break weeks should request supervision from their Walden-approved site supervisor. Students must also communicate with the faculty supervisor (instructor) that they will continue working at their site during the break weeks. Students should request the correct contact information for the academic coordinator from their faculty supervisor. Students are expected to contact the field experience academic coordinator if any concerns arise during those weeks.

Students who are extending their practicum/internship or who are in between quarters of internship can count hours between quarters toward the next quarter of field experience. However, practicum students cannot begin counting internship hours until the start of the internship quarter.