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SOC-OFE Masters Students - Field Experience Manual: Recording and Alternative Assignment Policy

Recording and Alternative Assignment Policy

Field experience students are required to submit video recordings of one full-length client session in practicum and two full-length client sessions in each quarter of internship at designated points in the quarter. Each recording has specific requirements, and students should refer to the classroom instructions for guidance and associated due dates. Video recordings must occur during enrollment in the field experience course. Recordings that occurred prior to enrollment (for example, in a previous term if the student is repeating the course) cannot be used to fulfill this requirement.

The client session video recordings should be reviewed in the student’s weekly on-site supervision sessions. This approach allows students to identify areas of progress and areas of needed improvement in a timely manner, as well as receive instruction from their site supervisors to assist with the counseling process. The client session recordings must be submitted in the classroom by the due dates indicated on the syllabus so the course instructor can provide additional feedback.

Students who are at sites where video recording is not possible or where submission of recordings cannot be made to the Walden University classroom are required to submit the site’s recording policy to their field experience faculty supervisor who will provide them with the alternative assignment. Students should be knowledgeable of the recording requirements and inform sites of the recording requirements as part of the interview process.

Informed consent documents for recording purposes must be completed for all session recordings. Students can either use site-based recording informed consent documents or templates provided in the Blackboard classroom at the discretion of the site supervisor.

Important notes:

  • Students should refrain from showing the client in the frame when recording. The camera should remain on the student at all times.
  • Students are required to get a signed parental or custodial consent for anyone under the age of 18 regardless of state and agency requirements.
  • Recording informed consent forms are not to be submitted in the field experience classroom, as this would constitute a breach in confidentiality. They are for use at the site only and should not be viewed by Walden faculty members.
  • Students must delete all recordings from the classroom during Week 11 of each term, after grades and feedback from both videos are received.