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Copy of Student Organizations: Logos, Trademarks, & Disclaimers

Use of Logos & Trademarks

Student organizations at Walden University who wish to use the Walden University logo and/or tagline must receive approval and receive a trademark release form.

To request this, the primary faculty advisor of the organization should contact Trademark releases must be renewed on an annual basis.


Participation in any Walden University student organization is voluntary. The views, opinions and ideas expressed or informational content or links provided by student organizations or participants do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of Walden University, its faculty and staff. 

Walden University student organizations and their members are required to abide by and conduct student organization activities in accordance with the policies contained in the Walden University Catalog and Handbook, including but not limited to Walden’s Code of Conduct and Technology policies.   Walden University assumes no responsibility or liability relating to any actions by student organizations or participants or relating to any student organizations activities.