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RSCH 7100 Research Theory, Design, and Methods: Week 5

Literature—The Starting Point for Research

This guide will help you locate theories, understand the use of literature in research articles, and prepare an annotated bibliography for a hypothetical research study. 

Discussion: Analyzing and Evaluating the Use of Literature

For this discussion, consult these resources to help you understand the use of literature in research.

Walden University Writing Center


Application 1: Theories and Theorists

For this application, you will need to identify two key theories in your field, and then identify the theorists (people) and sources of the theories (key articles or books) in your discipline that describe these two theories.

The Walden University Library offers guidance on exploring and discovering theories, theorists, and theoretical works:

Your instructor may embed comments and track changes in your papers with Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature to provide feedback on your Applications in this course. To review how to view and remove track changes and comments, consult the Writing Center’s resource on Track Changes.


Application 2: 
Introduction, Research Questions, and 8-entry Annotated Bibliography

This week, you should begin the Application due in Week 8. This week, focus on the literature view by starting your search for eight research articles based on the topic, research problem, and the main research question for your proposed study.

The Walden University Library offers resources to support literature searching:


The Walden University Writing Center resources listed above also support this application:

You may also want to consult the Writing Center's presentation on Developing Social Problems into Research Problems for Graduate Study to help you develop your research topic. Look for the link to this presentation under the "Graduate Level Webinars" heading.

Remember to also consult the other assigned readings listed in your online classroom under Week 5 Resources.