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PUBH 1000 Principles of Public Health: Additional Resources

Introduction to the Walden Library

Link to the Library Homepage: 

View a brief video tour of the Walden Library:

Video: Tour of the Walden Library

(2 min 29 sec)  Transcript

Learn about the Health Sciences databases

Watch this brief video introducing you to the health sciences database options available to you:

Video: Intro to Health Sciences databases

(1 min, 49 sec)  Transcript

Searching a library database

The library provides you access to research literature that will be the evidence you cite to support your assertions in your discussion posts and assignments. The library pays for these resources because they aren't available for free on the Web.

Searching library databases requires different techniques than most folks are used to, using Google or other search engines.

Watch a demonstration of a search in the CINAHL database


(1 min 55 sec) Transcript

Watch a demonstration of a search in the MEDLINE database


(2 min 10 sec) Transcript


Optional resource: View our Keyword Searching guide to learn the skills that will enable you to become a savvy researcher.