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Library Guide for Course Development: Overview

Purpose of this Guide

Welcome to the Course Developers Guide!

This guide is intended to:

  • Clarify the process of placing readings within a course.
  • Explain the services provided by the Walden Library for the Course Development process.
  • Provide examples of the resources the Walden Library can create for use within courses.
  • Help you use the Library's resources quickly and efficiently for your own searches.

Explore the guide to learn more about what the Library can do for you. If you have any questions, please contact us!


Overview of the Guide

Course Readings Process

Learn how to submit a readings list, and about the Library's role in the course development process. You'll also see some tips to help speed the Library portion of the process.

How to Use the Library

Learn tips and tricks for using the Library's resources.

Library Support for CDs

See examples of the library instruction resources that are available for use in courses. You'll also learn how to request specialized resources for your course.

Suggested Library Resources by Subject

Each subject area has its own collection of databases and instruction materials. The subject pages will link you to the specific resources we have to help you develop your course. If you need something that isn't listed here, you'll also find contact information to make a request for a new guide or tutorial.