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ACCT 6660 International Perspectives in Accounting: Welcome & Course Readings

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ACCT 6660 Required Course Readings

The links are for required readings found in the Walden databases ONLY. For all other readings, see your course resources.

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Abell, C., & Wisniewski, J. (2009). Transfer pricing considerations for successful IFRS conversion. Accounting Policy & Practice Report, 5(6), 246-248.

Anonymous. (2009). IASB proposes radically simpler asset classification standards. Euroweek.

Anonymous. (2011). Senate finance committee hearing; "Tax reform options: International issues". Congressional Documents and Publications.

Anonymous. (2011). United States: One step forward, one back; Free trade and the yuan. The Economist, 401(8754), 38.

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Gibbons, R. (2011). Strategies to protect against global uncertainty. Financial Executive, 27(7), 52-55.

Hlaciuc, E., Mihalciuc, C. C., Cibotariu, I. S., & Apetri, A. N. (2009). Some issues about the transition from U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Annales Universitatis Apulensis : Series Oeconomica, 11(1), 275-289.

Jackson, T. (2011, April 11). Inflation's distorting effect on results needs tackling. Financial Times, 18.

McLellan, J. (2011). Strategy and management accounting practices alignment and it's affect on organizational performance. SSRN Working Paper Series.  Not available in the library.

Modack, G. (2008). IFRS 3 Business Combinations: Old vs new. Accountancy SA, 26-31.

Nance, J., & Roemmich, R. (2008). Are financial statements meaningful under exchange rate fluctuations? Financial analysis. Journal of Financial Management & Analysis, 21(2), 65-74.

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Ohlson, J., Penman, S., Biondi, Y., Bloomfield, R., Glover, J., Jamal, K., & Tsujiyama, E. (2011). Accounting for Revenues: A Framework for Standard Setting. Accounting Horizons, 25(3), 577-592.

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Tebogo, B. (2011). The transfer pricing problem: When multinational corporations shift profits across international borders. SSRN Working Paper Series.

Tillmann, K., & Goddard, A. (2008). Strategic management accounting and sense-making in a multinational company. Management Accounting Research, 19(1), 80-102.

Wagenhofer, A. (2009). Global accounting standards: Reality and ambitions. Accounting Research Journal, 22(1), 68-80.

Wright, C., & Hobbs, S. (2010). Impact and implications of IFRS conversion or convergence. Bank Accounting & Finance, 17-24.


Yip, E., van Staden, C., & Cahan, S. (2011). Corporate social responsibility reporting and earnings management: The role of political costs. Australasian Accounting Business & Finance Journal, 5(3), 17-33.

Other Readings

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