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ENGL 1001 English Composition: Additional Resources

How to find outside resources for the final project

Research is a skill that needs to be learned and is beyond being able to search Google. Academic research conducted online utilizes databases that include articles and books that are protected by copyright and are not freely available online.

The 5 Steps for Successful Research

1) Identify the topic or research question.

2) Break topic into keywords.

3) Create search strategy using keywords.

4) Brainstorm related terms and modify search strategy as needed.

5) Evaluate results and select articles.


Watch the brief video below showing how to complete these steps for your final project. To the right you will find links to the databases suggested for researching this topic when you get to step 3.

Understand the Database Search Page

Databases may be confusing when you first try using them. But understanding how databases work is essential to growing your research skills.

There are three search components in most databases:

  • Search Boxes
  • Limiters
  • Field Searching

The following video will help you learn the basics of database searching. The video references this guide if you'd like to learn more: Keyword Searching: Finding Articles on Your Topic.

Understand Databases video demonstration

Recommended Databases

The topic always dictates what database you should choose.

The topic of this assignment is within the broader topic of Education. Below are the 2 recommended databases for researching education topics.

Why Use Boolean?

Boolean operators connect your keywords to create a logical phrase that the database can understand.

They tell the database exactly what you want to find.


Boolean Operator What it Does How to Use
AND Finds articles that use BOTH keywords.

adult learning  


 online courses



Finds articles that use EITHER of the keywords. Use the asterisk (*) to find different word endings.


adult learn* OR adult students


Excludes articles that use the keyword.


NOT masters programs


For more information about each operator and truncating with the asterisk, see the boxes to the right.