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EDUC 6757 Planning for Learning: Finding Journals by Title

New website access to journals by title

Your classroom has outdated information about how to find journals by title.

The Journals page on the Library website allows you to search for an individual journal by title.

Here are the steps for locating a journal in the Walden Library:

1.  On the Library homepage click on Journals. 

2.  In the Find a Journal by Title box, type the journal name and click Search. For example:

Journal of Educational Computing Research

3. On the results page you see a list of journal names with links to the database(s) that have the journal in full text. Each entry will also tell you the date range for which full text is available.


Tip: Some journals have delays on access, imposed by the publisher. Pay attention to the coverage years.

4. Click the database name to access the journal's content within the database.

5. Select a specific issue to browse, or search within all issues of the journal.

6. If you are trying to locate a specific article using the citation information, learn the best way to find an exact article in the Library.


You can watch a search for a journal. (initial steps to be updated, all other steps are the same)

Video: Find a journal by title and check subscription coverage years​

Video: Find a journal by title
(2 min 13 sec) Transcript