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CRJS 6000 Foundations for Graduate Study: Week 2 Application: Week 2 Application

Before you begin

Before beginning this assignment, make sure you have read the Learning Resources for the week including the Introduction to the Walden University Library Guide and the Library's Peer Review Guide. 

Now you will apply that information by searching for peer-reviewed articles. In the Library, we use databases to search inside journals to find articles, including articles that have been peer reviewed.

Follow the steps in the box below to learn how to search for peer-reviewed articles in a database that searches journals in your subject area.

Find peer-reviewed journal articles

For this course, you can use a database focused on the subject area of Criminal Justice & Security, such as the Criminal Justice Database.


Follow the steps below to search for peer-reviewed articles in Criminal Justice Database:

  1. From the Library Homepage, click the Research by Subject drop-down button. 

  2. Click the Criminal Justice link in the Research by Subject menu.  Now you will see the Criminal Justice Research Guide

  3. Click on Criminal Justice Databases tab and then click the Criminal Justice Database link.  You may need to log in with your myWalden user name and password. 
  4. Now you are on a search screen with three search boxes. Break your topic into keywords for the main concepts. Type one concept per box, like this example topic of juvenile offenders' recidivism:

    First search box:


    Second search box: 

    juvenile offenders

    Note: You do need to type in keywords for a topic to search. If you are not sure how to type in your topic, visit the Keyword Searching guide.
  5. Under the search boxes, check the Full Text and Peer Reviewed boxes
  6. Click the Search button. 

Your results are all articles from peer-reviewed journals. Click the PDF or HTML Full-Text links for an article you want to view in full text.

For more help saving a PDF, visit the PDF Help guide.

The importance of peer review

Follow the links below to learn more about Peer Review and how you can determine if an article is peer reviewed or not. These guides were part of your Required Readings for the week.