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PhD in Human Services: Welcome


Welcome to the PhD in Human Services page. Here you will find the resources you need to complete the PhD in Human Services dissertation.  The Human Services MS and PhD programs at Walden focus on helping individuals/families, organizations, and communities identify and meet their unmet needs.  At the PhD level, students need to produce high quality dissertations that have the potential to generate positive social change in these areas and that are related to each student’s chosen specialization.  In addition, students have the option to focus the dissertation in different domestic or international/cultural contexts of their own choosing. We also value inter-professional models of helping and, therefore, welcome dissertations that address problems related to this broad based, holistic approach. 

Many of our students come to us with a great deal of experience promoting positive social change through practice, supervision, or administration in various settings; however, most do not have the research and/or scholarly writing skills.  Therefore, our PhD program focuses on helping students obtain these skills so they can be successful scholar practitioners and expand their abilities to help individuals/families, organizations, and communities.

Walden has many, many resources to help you be successful.  This site will help you identify a lot of them.  Please take advantage of these resources to make your journey as smooth as possible.  That does not mean the road will be easy; however, if you use the tools available, especially the ones related to scholarly writing, you can maximize the likelihood of success and reduce the time to completion.

Welcome to the journey!  It is a rewarding ride.