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Get started: Familiarize yourself with Walden support


What is a capstone study? How can you prepare yourself for it? Long before you begin writing your capstone study, there are things that you can start doing to set yourself up for success down the road. 

First of all, we encourage you to enroll in the New Student Orientation, which is designed to welcome you to our online community and provide you with a global introduction to our university’s resources.

Student Success Advising

Of course, always listen to your Student Success Advisor, no matter what stage you are in your program, but that’s especially important as you take these first few steps at Walden. Your advisor will have excellent tips, like the ones listed in the New Student Toolkit, on how to thrive in your doctoral program.

Please be sure to visit the Student Success Advising website for resources on


Learn how Walden's Student Wellness and Disability Services can support you.

Are you associated with the U.S. military?  The Military Services website has information for you!

Academic Skills Center

You’ll also benefit from exploring the resources on the Academic Skills Center website.  Explore their dedicated Doctoral Student Resources, as well as:

The idea of creating your own independent scholarly project might be intimidating to you at this stage; if so, you might consider a class in the Academic Skills Center, such as the class on APA Style, which will teach you the basics of APA.

Career Services Center

Regardless of where you are in your career, Career Planning and Development can help you now.  They provide support and resources around finding a new job, career transitions, career management, and networking.  Career Planning and Development can help you

Career Planning and Development has an entire Doctoral Resources page around maximizing your doctoral degree. Be sure to also check out the Doctoral Webinar Series for great advice from academic and industry experts.

Office of Research and Doctoral Services

Although you might not be ready to dive into details of your research yet, you should bookmark the resources on the Office of Research and Doctoral Services, as this center contains a wealth of resources on university requirements for capstone studies, no matter what your program. In the meantime, feel free to watch a short video on the purposes of research, just to introduce you to some ideas. 

Video: Purpose of Research

Faculty Resources

Be sure to connect with faculty you’re working with in your classes about their knowledge of and involvement in mentoring students through the capstone. Walden University faculty have a wealth of resources, and whether or not they are actively mentoring students through the capstone, they will likely be able to offer you some advice or simply some encouragement.

For example, Dr. Leann Stadtlander in the PhD program at Walden writes a fantastic blog about the dissertation process. Although it is specific to PhD students, it contains information that is broadly applicable across all programs. You may want to bookmark this site for your reference.

Ph.D. Realities: The Dissertation Mentor


It’s never too early to familiarize yourself with Walden’s Library, even if you aren’t yet gathering your resources for your capstone. Here you will find:

Writing Center

Be sure to visit the Writing Center, also, and peruse the various services they offer. The Writing Center offers: