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Writing Resources for HMNT 1005D: Module 10

Module 10: Revise Your Draft

Your revised persuasive essay is due by the end of this week. Revision is more than just fixing a few spelling or grammar errors. Revision means to look again at your work, evaluate it, and determine if you could present the argument in a more effective way. Be sure to ask yourself these questions (in addition to the feedback received from your instructor) while revising for your final version.

Remember: Even great writers revise their work before turning it in!

  • Do I have an introduction and a conclusion?
  • Do I address a counterargument?
  • Do I include outside sources to help convince readers?
  • Is my essay an appropriate length?
  • Are my paragraphs at least three sentences long and focused on just one topic?
  • Do my paragraphs flow in a logical order?

The recorded webinar below describes specific revision strategies for organization, flow, ideas, and more.

Recorded Webinar: Improving Your Writing: Strategies for Revising, Proofing, and Using Feedback

This webinar will discuss the revision process in all its forms, including explaining the difference between proofreading and revising, how to revise on your own, how to revise using Writing Center or peer feedback, and how to revise using faculty feedback.