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Writing Resources for HMNT 1005D: Module 6

Module 6: Build Paragraphs

In this module, you will write a first draft of your persuasive essay. This means you will need to build on the outline you created in Module 4.

Look at each major point of your outline and envision it as its own paragraph. How do you get from one point to a full paragraph?

  • To support the point, you need to add evidence, which means examples, statistics, quotes, or other information from your reading. In fact, the assignment calls for “at least two citations from outside sources.” Therefore, you should do some research through the Walden Library to locate relevant information on your topic.
  • To give credit to the sources you are using, provide the author and year within a citation. Here is an example: Each year, 50% of U.S. small businesses fail (Patel & Coughlin, 2015). 
  • Then you need to analyze that evidence. What does the information mean and how does it support the main point of the paragraph? 

Do you need a visual reminder of what is in a paragraph? This image displays the PEAS of a paragraph: Point, Evidence, Analysis, and Summary.