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Writing Resources for HMNT 1005D: Module 4

Module 4: Create a Thesis Statement

In Week 2, you selected a topic for your persuasive essay. This week, you determine your position on that topic with a thesis statement. The thesis statement determines the main points and direction of the paper. It should be something that can be argued for or against. For example, a paper on treatments for bipolar disorder might have the thesis “The most effective way to treat bipolar disorder in teens is through cognitive therapy.” This statement is arguable because someone could argue the opposite, that cognitive therapy is ineffective for this population.  

View the recorded webinar below for instruction and activities.

Once you have determined your thesis statement, you can create an outline based on that statement. The outline should include the main points you want to make to convince readers. See an example outline on the Writing Center website.

Recorded Webinar: Writing Strong Thesis Statements

An essential component of academic writing is a thesis statement, whether you are writing a discussion post or a course paper. Join this session to solidify your knowledge of thesis statements with a focus on practicing creating your own thesis statement.