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Writing Resources for HMNT 1005D: Module 3

Module 3: Manage Your Assignment Time

By now, you’ve noticed that this course includes many readings to aid your learning. Between reading, responding to posts, and completing assignments, students can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Here are some tips as you work through Module 3:

  • Use the Assignment Planner to keep track of due dates and determine the amount of time needed for each component of the writing or response process.
  • Remember that the course resources should inform your discussion posts and other work. Before reading the course resources for the week, look over the assignments. Make sure that you understand the assignment and ask your instructor if you are confused.
  • Be an active reader. With the assignment in mind, take notes while reading. You might highlight important information to remember, pose questions to the author, or jot down your initial reactions.
  • Use your notes during your video response. To avoid rambling on the video blog, keep your notes close by while you record. This will help you stay on track and say everything you want to say.
  • Because this is the first week of the video blog, be sure to view the tutorial within the classroom for important instructions and tips.