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Writing Resources for HMNT 1005D: Module 1

Module 1: Write a Discussion and Summary

Welcome to HMNT 1005D! In this course and at Walden in general, the Discussion Board is the primary way to communicate your learning and engage in debate with fellow students. This week’s resources include sample Discussion Board responses. Use those examples, in addition to the step-by-step guide from the Writing Center, when writing your own discussion posts.

Your Week 1 Assignment asks you to summarize the results of your Technology Inventory. Remember that to summarize is to give the important points in a shorter, condensed form. Therefore, you do not need to state each individual piece of technology in your home. Rather, use the inventory to guide an overall, big-picture view of your technology use.

Example summary: My technology inventory revealed that I use both household appliances like washing machine and dishwasher but also entertainment systems like a TV and stereo. Looking over my inventory, I realize I use technology much more than I thought. Just the amount of computer devices in my house is surprising to me: 4 computers, 3 iPods, and 2 cell phones. I use the computers and cell phones for my professional life, communicating with colleagues, but the iPods are mainly for my own enjoyment and stress reduction. I like to listen to music at the end of my day. The fact that I have many copies of the same type of technology says that I am a careful person. If one breaks, I have a backup or two to use right away. I rely on technology quite a bit, but I also understand its limitations.