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Writing Resources for HMNT 1005D: Weekly Tips

Introduction to Weekly Tips

On the left side of this guide, you should see a tab for each module of the course. Click on the module for assignment-specific writing tips each week. These tips include resources for building your sentence-, paragraph-, and essay-level skills, as well as videos and other interactive tutorials. For more information, please click on any links that you see within the text (indicated in blue with an underline, like this: Writing Center website). Return to this guide each week to get a new writing tip!


Throughout this course, you will react to readings and ideas in different ways. Here are some handy definitions for completing your assignments.

Analyze = to explain a multifacted text or idea by breaking it into its parts.

Compare = to examine two items to discover similarities and differences.

Critique = to evaluate or assess something based on set criteria.

Reflect = to think about an idea deeply and consider its impact.

Summarize = to express the main points of a text in a shorter form. Think about the who, what, why, where, and how.

Still unsure what a word or concept means? Look it up in Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary.