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PhD in Psychology: Dissertation Intensives

Attend a Dissertation Intensive

What is a Capstone Intensive (CI) retreat?

The 4-day (CI) retreats have been designed to help students make progress in writing their capstone study proposals. This supportive experience provides an opportunity for students to work directly with faculty members who have extensive experience with qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research design, and Writing Center faculty, who can help students strengthen skills required to write the capstone. In addition, the CI retreat provides students with an opportunity to network with other students who are at the same stage of the writing process and the potential to develop writing support groups.


Who can benefit from a CI retreat?

To be eligible to attend a CI retreat, students need to meet the requirements below:

Have an approved committee chairperson on file at the University

Have a completed prospectus on file at the University

Currently enrolled in one term of your degree program's dissertation/doctoral study course


Where and when are CI retreats held?

Sessions begin at 4 p.m. on the first night where students will register, receive an overview of the retreat, and check in to your room. Regardless of where students live, we require students to stay at the hotel, as part of the value of the retreat is allowing students to get away from the demands of daily life to focus on research and writing.


What is the CI daily schedule?

During most mornings, the faculty will present information related to the requirements consistent with the Walden University dissertation, doctoral study, or project study rubric. During the remainder of the day, students spend time writing and meeting with faculty members to get personalized assistance with their writing. At the end of the day, students “check in” with the faculty members on progress made, barriers and facilitators to effective and efficient writing, and goals for the next day. Many students take full advantage of their time away from home, work, and families by continuing to write during the evening.

Visit the Dissertation Intensive website to view dates for upcoming intensives.