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Methodology, Research, & Statistics: Methods Section Workshop

Workshop Student Testimonials

"With the support of both the course content and instructor's guidance, I am confident I have developed a solid proposal introduction. I was able to accomplish more proposal progress in the past 6 weeks than in the previous 12+ months. It was a truly positive experience. Thank you!"

"This course helped me better understand various facets of writing that I have not been exposed to before such as synthesis, voice, and paraphrasing.  A couple of these items were skimmed over in my earlier courses, but this course went into the depth I needed."

"I have gotten more from these past couple of weeks than from several semesters in 8090."

"This is probably one of the best assistance programs that Walden University offers to date. I have made more progress in the past 5 weeks than I did in the past two quarters. This workshop is a must for anyone struggling to stay focused or on task with dissertation writing."

"I really want this option for the rest of my program. It has made this very difficult process much much better."

"I believe that this should be a required course after the 8100 courses.  It could reduce the amount of time that students spend writing their doctoral study."


Doctoral Writing Workshop: Revising and Editing the Methods Section

CAEX 8040 (quarters) and CAEX 8045 (semesters)

0 (zero) credits, 6 weeks

Find out what students are saying about the workshops!

Ideal Students

  • Students who have a working draft of their methods section and feel like they need some extra help or support with the writing component of their dissertations, project study, or doctoral study methods section

Course Description

Writing about the method or methods of study can be a challenge. It’s not easy to articulate variables, validity, or data analysis plans. Students who feel like they need some extra help or support with the writing component of their dissertations, project study, or doctoral study Methods section should take this small-group workshop.

With the help of the writing faculty member, students will spend 6 weeks advancing the writing of their Methods section through tailored one-on-one writing instruction and supportive group work with their peers. Workshop students will get to know the required components of the Methods section and have the opportunity to learn how to address common writing issues inherent in this section, including effectively explaining data collection and analysis, formatting APA-compliant tables and figures, and articulating ethical procedures and concerns associated with the study.

Importantly, the instruction and feedback students receive will be anchored in their own work. The goal of this workshop is to help students make progress toward the completion of the Methodology section. If needed, the faculty member will help create a tailored plan based on students’ specific needs to ensure that they can continue to advance their draft.

Workshop Curriculum Details

  • You must have a working draft of your proposal in order to take a workshop. 
  • The workshops are 6 weeks long. In week 1 you write a short self-reflection on your perceptions of your strengths and weaknesses in writing. 
  • In each of weeks 2-5 you will submit a 3-5 page segment of your draft. If you are in a workshop that focuses on a specific section (e.g., introduction, lit review) you must submit segments from that section for review. If you take Revising and Editing the Proposal (CAEX 8010 or 8015, depending on whether you are on quarters or semesters, respectively), you can submit segments from any part of your proposal. 
  • In week 6 you create a plan for moving forward with your proposal based on the feedback you received in weeks 2-5. 
  • Building community is an important part of the workshops. To that end, you will also have weekly discussions with other students about topics that a number of people in the class are struggling with. You will be responsible for making discussion posts and responses during all six weeks. While you may opt out of one discussion reply during weeks 2-5, all other discussion posts are mandatory.


Registration Information

Contact your Student Success Advisor to register for a workshop.


  1. You must have a working draft of the section of your proposal that aligns with the workshop for which you want to register (e.g., if you want to take the intro workshop, you must have a working draft of your intro). 
  2. These workshops require you to submit a 2-3 page writing excerpt of your draft of the appropriate document (e.g., for the proposal workshop you will need to submit a 2-3 page writing excerpt of your proposal draft; for the literature review workshop you will need to submit a 2-3 page writing excerpt of your literature review draft). You must include the 2-3 page excerpt in your e-mail registration request to your Student Success Advisor, and let them know in which workshop and term you would like to enroll (e.g., CAEX 8010, March 2, 2015 start). 
  3. We recommend students only take one doctoral writing workshop at a time


Each workshop costs $195. This amount does not include any applicable taxes and/or fees.

Questions about the CAEX courses or workshops?

Do you have a question about the CAEX courses or workshops? First review our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find your answer there, please e-mail us at We will respond within 48 hours (please allow more time on weekends and holidays).