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Live Meetings (BigBlueButton) - Course Navigation

In this module, we will review the BigBlueButton, the video conferencing software integrated into Canvas.

Joining a BigBlueButton Conference

To navigate to BigBlueButton and join an ongoing conference, click BigBlueButton on the Course Navigation Menu and then click the Join button next to the conference you wish to join.

BigBlueButton area of course with an active conference ready to join.


When joining a BigBlueButton conference, you'll need to confirm your audio settings.


After clicking to join a conference, you will be prompted to indicate how you would like to join the audio. There are three options:

  • Microphone
  • Listen Only
  • Join using your phone

join audio of bigbluebutton


If you select Microphone from the options, a private echo test will be performed where it will ask you to speak a few words and ask if you could hear the audio. If Yes is selected then you will join the conference, if No is selected then it will continue to troubleshoot with you.

Private echo test prompt.

BigBlueButton Interface

Once you have joined a BigBlueButton conference there are many tools for you in the interface. Let's review some of them.

Student interface of BigBlueButton will callouts for the User List, Public Chat, Mute/Unmute, and Leaving the meeting.

  1. User List: The User List shows all the participants in the BigBlueButton conference.
  2. Public Chat: Here you can type into the public chat and see other people's questions and comments.
  3. Mute/Unmute: Click the microphone icon to mute or unmute yourself. This screenshot shows it unmuted.
  4. Presentation Settings: Click the three vertical dots icon to show some of the presentation settings.
  5. Leave Meeting: Click Leave Meeting after clicking the three vertical dots icon in the top right to leave the meeting.