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Rich Content Editor - Course Navigation: Home

Rich Content Editor - Course Navigation

There are many areas within Canvas where you will be able to enter and format text, hyperlinks, and embed various media. These boxes all use the same Rich Content Editor. Whenever you see this box, it will function almost exactly the same.

Typing in the Rich Content Editor

Let's review the basics of the Rich Content Editor.

Screenshot of the Rich Content Editor with callouts to all of it's components.

  1. Toolbar: Allows you to adjust your text using various edits, views, inserts, formatting, tools, and table settings.
  2. Text Edit Toolbar: Allows you to change the look and feel of the text you type.
  3. Insert Toolbar: Allows you to add a hyperlink to your text, insert a picture, or upload a document to your text. Documents uploaded using this tool will appear within the text of your post.
  4. My Media (Kaltura): This icon allows you to embed My Media (Kaltura) recordings.
  5. Text Entry Box: Type your text in this section.
  6. Attachments: In Discussion Boards, clicking here allows you to attach documents to your post. Documents upload here will not appear within the text of your post.
  7. Post Reply/Cancel: Use these buttons to post your reply or cancel your post.

Please Note: There is no option to save your text as a draft. If you need to stop and return to your post, please copy and paste it into a Word Document to save it to your personal device.