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Announcements - Course Navigation - Student: Home

Announcements - Course Navigation

Announcements are a great way to learn important information regarding the course. In this module, we will review the Announcements in Canvas.

Navigating to Announcements

Screenshot of the Announcements area of the course with arrows and numbers pointing to Announcements on the left and the title of the announcement near the middle.

  1. Announcements: To view all announcements that have been posted in your course, click the Announcements option on the Class Navigation Menu.
  2. Announcement Title: Once you have navigated to the Announcements area, click the title of an announcement to open it.

An alternate way to view announcements is from the Course Home Page. At the top center of the Course Home Page, the most recent announcement will be visible, (if an announcement has been made). Click the title to open the announcement.

Screenshot of the top of the home page of a class showing the most recent announcement at the top center.

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