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History, Help, and Collapse - Global Navigation - Student: Home

A basic Canvas How To on the History, Help, and Collapse areas of the Global Navigation.

History - Global Navigation

The History area of the Global Navigation allows for quick navigation to the most recent areas that you have been within Canvas. In this example, the user was most recently using Kaltura Media and Course Home in a course. They could quickly navigate back to these by clicking the links within the History area.

Screenshot of the History area of Canvas. This sample lists Kaltura Media and Course Home as the last two visited.

Help - Global Navigation

This section is still being decided on how it will look so this is a placeholder.

Collapse - Global Navigation

The Collapse tool located at the bottom left of Canvas allows for the minimalization of the Global Navigation menu. It collapses the menu to just so icons and not the name of the areas. Once collapsed, you can click it again to expand it back to including the names of the areas.

Button with a vertical line on the left and a left facing arrow pointing at it.